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Over the past 30 years, Abdoulaye has organised African Dance & Drum and other educational workshops in Guinea, As a Master Dancer he has toured, taught and performed for over 40 years in the USA, Europe and Australia. We have organsied the Guinea Dance & Drum camps for many  years and we have always conducted our classes safely and successfully. With all our years of experience along with professional organising we have always had  satisfied students and many have chosen to attend our camp on several occasions since.

The Dance & Drum programme consists of several concurrent workshops. The workshops will be held on the island of Roume, which is just one hour by boat off the coast of Conakry.

The Photo Safaris will be held over the weekends   during the Dance & Drum workshops, and set in various parts of west Guinea. These areas are specially selected for their authentic traditional African living style and location.

Dance & Drum Programme

The Dance & Drum instructors are Master artists. They are from Les Ballets Africains and Ballet Djoliba. Experience in teaching both Western & African pupils, makes them exceptional at teaching all levels of drum and dance techniques. Classes run 5 days per week, Monday – Friday, with 4 hours of dance and 3 hours of drum instruction per day. Drums are provided for drum class and may also be purchased from the camp. Students wishing to make audio or video recordings during the classes may do so for a fee that would cover the recording rights.

Accommodation is provided at our island retreat The Allatantou Dance & Drum School. A maximum of 3 students will be assigned to each room. Meals are prepared by the village women. A continental breakfast consisting of fruit, cheese, bread, coffee, tea, etc. is served daily. Lunches and dinners are served in the traditional African manner. These meals usually consist of rice and vegetables with fish or chicken. Vegetarians must contact us ahead regarding food preparation instructions for the cooks.

Photo Safari Programme

The Photo Safari programme is based on the advice of location experts with a good knowledge of settlements
in the nearby parts of Guinea. Together with established photographers Stephen Sammuth and Magnus Lundstedt, we will be organising weekend trips to villages in nearby remote regions of Guinea. This is a rare opportunity to witness life in the villages, where the daily routine is the authentic traditional African living that is still found in certain parts of the country. These weekend Photo Safaris will cover a visit to a different village on each weekend.

We set off to each village on Friday afternoon and spend the best part of two days and two nights, in each village. During this time, we will have the opportunity to experience and photograph the village’s authentic and traditional African lifestyle, as handed down through several generations and that has remained unchanged for decades. We could be visiting small farming and/or fishing communities, photographing the inhabitants, children, handicrafts, fishing, farming, hunting and other sections of African living.

Workshops & Registration

The 2022/2023 workshops will pan over the period of 1 month, starting from the 26th Dec 2022 to the 26th Jan 2023. Within these dates one can select the workshop dates one prefers, from a minimum of 1 week to a maximum of 4 weeks. This system of date selections will allow participants the workshop periods of their choice. Fee: $600 for 1 week or €450 per week for 2 to 4 weeks.
A deposit of $300 is required to secure a workshop registration and it will be

deducted from the cost of workshop. The remainder of the tuition is to be paid upon arrival in Guinea. Travellers Cheques are not accepted. Deposits/reservations are accepted no later than the 30th Nov 2022, and no refunds will be made for security deposits. Instructions and details for online deposits and full settlement can be found on, or by contacting any of the Allatantou representatives below.

Photo Safari & Registration

The Photo Safaris will only be held during the weekends of any selected period during the month, after the Dance & Drum workshops. The fee is $350 per weekend starting on Friday afternoons through to Sunday night. We will be travelling to remote African villages partly accessible through jungle areas. Once there, we will have the opportunity to photograph and document a day in the true African village life that has remained unchanged for decades. We will travel to different villages on each weekend and the fee includes transport, accommodation and board during each Safari.

Participants would then return to Conakry on Sunday night, in order to continuewith the Dance & Drum workshops on Monday morning. These Photo Safaris are very rare opportunities for every photography enthusiast, and should not be missed. Further details of this programme will be available on this website.

As the number of places each weekend is limited, applicants for this programme must make an initial deposit of $200 upon booking. The outstanding balance is to be settled by the 30th Nov 2022.

Travel & Visa

lt is your responsibility to make arrangements for your flight to Guinea. Participants will be picked up at the Conakry, Gbessa lnternational Airport. Air France, Delta, Brussels Airlines, KLM and Royal Air Maroc fly into Guinea. There is a local airport tax of about $25.00. Make sure to pay this tax when you purchase your ticket and keep the receipt with you for the record upon arrival at Gbessa lnternational Airport. An lnternational Certificate of Vaccination stamped with the Yellow Fever Vaccine is required for entrance into Guinea. Malaria and diarrhea can be of serious concern so ensure to take your malaria pills. Pills or vaccinations for diarrhea are highly recommended. For more current requirements and advice, please contact your doctor.

Visas are required prior to entry into Guinea. Contact your Guinea Consulate or Embassy for the requirements applicable to your citizenship.

Not sure what you with need for your stay in Guinea? Want to know what to pack? Contact us through the form below and we will send you a list of what is required and what is suggested. One of our organisers who has been on several of our Guinea trips over the past years will gladly give you advice and recommendations of what is best to bring with you.

News & Contacts

Abdoulaye Camara

Abdoulaye Camara

Organiser (Europe)

Tel & WhatsApp
+46 70 274 74 72

Amy Osterman

Amy Osterman

Organiser (USA)

Tel & WhatsApp
+1 312 217 2418

Nikola Clay

Nikola Clay

Dance Groups

Tel & WhatsApp
+1 760-815-1056

Nils Ile

Nils Ile

Drum Groups

Tel & WhatsApp
+371 29 14 97 77

Stephen Sammuth

Stephen Sammuth

Photo Safari

Tel & WhatsApp
+46 70 545 43 43


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