Dance & Drums

Dance is a way of expressing emotion, whether joyful or sorrowful, and it is not limited to just the dancers. At Allatantou we bring forward a chance for you to learn about African Culture, through personal participation in our workshops, attending one of our courses, or just by listening to our concerts.

Our workshops and performances are traditional, energetic, playful and delivered with pride and passion for an authentic experience. They offer you an opportunity to learn and perform African dancing, to create your own choreography, and also to play African instruments, primarily drums like djembe, dundun.

We welcome people of all ages to join an participate in our events. Immaterial of gender and age, everyone is equally welcome. At Allatantou we can tailor programs to meet the abilities and understanding of all ages from elementary through to college and beyond. We love to welcome young people, for whom we have specially designed workshops, which may be integrated in the cultural education, and at all levels  from preschool to high school. We take great pride in delivering a professional and friendly service, and we look forward to taking you on a magical journey into the heart of Africa.
Welcome to the Africa of Allatantou